Two of New England’s favorite multisport races in one virtual event! Go long with the Patriot Half… go short with the Pilgrimman Triathlon… or do BOTH in one big endurance challenge! #TriItVirtually

CLICK HERE for results for all categories in the Colonial Face-Off. All participants can expect to have their swag delivered by early October.

The Colonial Face-Off is a virtual multisport event that features two of New England’s favorite multisport races… the Patriot Half and the Pilgrimman Triathlon.

In this event you pick the multisport race distance (half or sprint) and the discipline (triathlon, duathlon or aquabike) that’s best for you and complete the event when you want (between 9/5/20 and 9/20/20) and where you want (indoors, outdoors) and you’ll be rewarded with GREAT SWAG with a theme based on your choice.

Want to go long? Sign up for the Patriot Half! Prefer the short stuff or looking to have your first multisport experience? Sign up for the Pilgrimman sprint. Looking for a BIGGER challenge? Do the Patriot-Pilgrimman Mega Duathlon Challenge! Details below.

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How This Event Works

With this virtual event you get to do it WHEN you want (between 9/5/20 and 9/20/20) and WHERE you want (indoors on a trainer or treadmill or outdoors on the road or the trails… or a combination of all of the above).

HOW you do the event is also up to you. You can choose to complete each leg of your multisport event in consecutive order to simulate real race conditions (e.g. in a triathlon, do the swim then transition to the bike and ride your miles and then transition to the run and complete your run) OR you can break it up over several days (e.g. in a duathlon, do run #1 on day 1, complete the bike on another day and then do run #2 on yet another day).

Once you complete all the legs of the multisport race you choose, you upload the results (see “Uploading Your Results” tab below) and at the conclusion of the event we’ll mail you your swag!

COMING SOON you’ll be able to download your race bib! To do so you’ll need to log into your account here at and then follow these 3 steps:

  1. Click “YOUR REGISTRATIONS” tab at the top
  2. Click “Virtual Patriot Half”
  3. Click “Get Your Virtual Bib” (on the right side of the screen)

Categories and Distances

Go LONG with the Patriot Half! Choose from 3 multisport categories:

  • Patriot Half Triathlon (1.2 mile swim, 56 mile bike, 13.1 mile run)
  • Patriot Half Duathlon (3.1 mile run, 56 mile bike, 13.1 mile run)
  • Patriot Half Aquabike (1.2 mile swim, 56 mile bike)

Go SHORT with the Pilgrimman Sprint! Choose from 2 multisport categories:

  • Pilgrimman Sprint Triathlon (0.25 mile swim, 12 mile bike, 3.1 mile run)
  • Pilgrimman Sprint Duathlon (1 mile run, 12 mile bike, 3.1 mile run)
  • Pilgrimman Sprint Duathlon – COMPETITIVE DIVISION (1 mile run, 12 mile bike, 3.1 mile run); details below.

DO BOTH with the Patriot-Pilgrimman Mega Duathlon

  • Run 20.3 miles, bike 68 miles)

While we will ask you submit to results your and there will be results page for each event, the Pilgrimman Sprint Duathlon Competitive Division is for participants who want to race fast and compare themselves to other like-minded participants. To participate in this division athletes must run 1 mile on an outdoor track, participate in a 12 mile Zwift ride on at 8:00am on 9/12/20 (Zwift membership required; more details below) and run 3.1 miles on a course of their choosing, but it must start and finish at the exact same location. The 1 mile and 3.1 mile runs can be completed at any time during the 9/5/20-9/20/20 event period. Proof of performance in each leg will be required with your results submission. More details on this divison are on this page of the Sun Multisport Events website.

A note on swimming: If you choose an event with a Triathlon or Aquabike category your options are to swim in a pool or in open water, but if swimming in open water DO NOT SWIM BY YOURSELF WITHOUT SAFETY SUPPORT (lifeguards, a friend in a kayak, etc.).

Ride with Others on Zwift

Our friends at Breakthrough Performance Coaching will lead two Zwift rides that participants in this event will have the option to participate in.

On Saturday, September 5th at 8:00am, Coach Jeffrey Capobianco, BPC head coach, will lead a 56 mile Zwift ride. This will be set up as a non-competitive group ride with the idea of keeping everyone together though you still get to go at your own pace. This is a free, optional ride for all participants in the Patriot Half or Patriot-Pilgrimman Mega Duathlon.  CLICK HERE to sign up for this ride.

On Saturday, September 12th at 8:00am, “Coach Cap” of BPC returns to host a 12 mile Zwift ride. This will be a COMPETITIVE ride with additional swag for the fastest male and female. This is a free, optional ride for all participants in the Pilgrimman Triathlon or Patriot-Pilgrimman Mega Duathlon, however if you are competing in the Pilgrimman Sprint Duathlon COMPETITIVE Division you must participate in this ride or you will be disqualified from winning any awards. CLICK HERE to sign up for this ride.

If you don’t have a Zwift account you will need to create one to participate in one or both of these rides. There is a monthly fee for Zwift membership, but you can set up an account for a 7-day free trial a few days before your ride and then cancel your membership after if you wanted. Setting up your bike to ride on Zwift is not difficult, but there are some set-up steps to follow (e.g. pairing devices) which are explained here. Additional details on how to join one or both rides will be emailed to participants before the event.

Additional instructions on how to join these Zwift rides will be sent to participants about a week before the event.

Registration Fees and Swag

Pricing for each event and category is below. Early Bird pricing is in effect through Sunday, 8/23/20… register by then for the best price!

Patriot Half

  • Triathlon: $69 through 8/23/20; $75 thereafter
  • Duathlon: $69 through 8/23/20; $75 thereafter
  • Aquabike: $69 through 8/23/20; $75 thereafter

Pilgrimman Sprint

  • Triathlon: $39 through 8/23/20; $45 therafter
  • Duathlon: $39 through 8/23/20; $45 therafter
  • Duathlon – Competitive Divison: $39 through 8/23/20; $45 therafter

Patriot-Pilgrimman Mega Duathlon Challenge

  • $89 through 8/23/20; $95 thereafter

Awards and Giveaways

With the exception of the Pilgrimman Sprint Competitive Division, participants in all other Colonial Face-Off categories will be completing different courses at different times so there will be no awards for fastest times in these other categories. However, we will include random giveaways with the swag we mail to participating athletes post-event. To be eligible for giveaways you need to do the following:

  • “Like” the Sun Multisport Events facebook or instagram page
  • Post a picture to Facebook or Instagram with the hashtag #ColonialFaceoff

Awards for the Pilgrimman Sprint Competitive Division will be distributed to the top 3 males and females overall based on the fastest combined time for a 1-mile track based-run, the 12 mile Zwift bike ride on 9/12/20 at 8:00am and the 3.1 mile run that must start and finish at the same location.  Proof of your results must be submitted to be eligible for these awards, Failure to provide proof or not follow the requirements of each leg of the du will result in disqualification from awards.


Downloading Your Bib and Uploading Your Results

Participants in the Colonial Face-Off can download and share their race bib and upload their results from the haku registration platform. Step by step directions on how to do this are below.


  1. Login to your account on haku at
  2. Click on the “Your Registrations” tab at the top
  3. Click on the “Colonial Face Off” event
  4. Click the blue button that says “Get Your Virtual Bib” and your bib will automatically download.


  1. Login to your account on haku at
  2. Click on the “Your Registrations” tab at the top
  3. Click on the “Colonial Face-Off” event
  4. Click on “Submit Activity”
  5. Connect your wearable device (FitBit or Garmin only) or enter in your results manually.
  6. Enter in your finish time and the day/time you completed your activity. You can also upload a link or picture of the device you used to time yourself and track your miles, but it is not mandatory.
  7. Press “Submit”

Finisher certificates will be available to those who completed all legs of their event starting September 12th.


Results from the 2020 Colonial Face-Off can be found with a click here.

Refund Policy

Refunds : Refunds will not be issued. Please register for the event only if you are sure you will be able to participate.


Registration is open. Please click this link to register online.