We understand the cost of racing can be a challenge for the budget conscious athlete. To help, we offer the discount race packages described below if you sign up for 2-3 races at once. In addition to these packages, we offer an active military and first responder discounts (email Mark at info@SunMultisportEvents.com for details) and you’ll find reduced entry fees for athletes age 19 and under on the registration pages of our multisport races.


Triple Dog Dare

The Triple Dog Dare is 3 different Sun Multisport races at 3 different distances and includes the Patriot Half (6/18/22; East Freetown, MA), the Cranberry Trifest Olympic (8/21/22; Lakeville, MA) and the Sun Multisport sprint tri of your choice. Our sprints include the Whaling City Triathlon (7/17/22; New Bedford, MA), Cranberry Trifest Sprint (8/21/22; Lakeville, MA) and Pilgrimman Triathlon (9/17/22; Plymouth, MA). Save $35+!

Half Crazy

Bookend your season with Sun Multisport’s two half distance triathlons and save $25+! Half Crazy is a 2-race discount package that includes the Patriot Half on 6/18/22 in East Freetown, MA and the Pilgrimman Half on 9/17/22 in Plymouth, MA.

Aquabike Delight

If you love to swim and bike but can’t or don’t want to run this is the option for you! The Aquabike Delight is a 2-race package featuring the Patriot Half Aquabike (6/18/22) and the Cranberry Trifest Olympic distance Aquabike (8/21/22; Lakeville, MA). Sign up for the AD package and you’ll save $25+ and lock in the lowest prices you’ll find on these races.


The SprOly

The SprOly is a multi-race package consisting of 1 or 2 Sun Multisport sprint triathlons and the Cranberry Trifest Olympic on August 21, 2022. Our sprints include the Whaling City Triathlon (7/17/22; New Bedford, MA) and the Pilgrimman Sprint Triathlon (9/17/23; Plymouth, MA).  We also have the Cranberry Sprint on 8/21/22, but you can’t do the Sprint and Olympic on the same day. The SprOly 2-pack is any one Sun Multisport sprint and the Cranberry Olympic and the SprOly 3-pack is any two Sun Multisport sprints and the Cranberry Olympic.


Special Pricing: Youth (age 19 and under)

We always enjoy seeing young athletes getting involved in the sport of triathlon. To support their participation, the triathlons at Whaling City, the Cranberry Trifest and Pilgrimman Triathlon offer a “Youth” category with pricing that is up to $30 less than general or “adult” race categories (no special code is needed). It’s not a “discount package”, but it will save teenage athletes a few bucks!