For Beginners

Getting started in triathlon can be a little overwhelming… afterall, it’s not just 1 sport, it’s 3 and then there’s the so-called 4th leg of a triathlon — “transition”. For anyone new to the sport, our advice for the first race is simple: have fun. Sure, you want to be prepared and if you’re a competitive type, you want to go fast, but if you accept the fact that you’ll look back on your first race experience and quickly identify a variety of things you should have done differently, then your head is in the right place.

Read below for a series of articles written for beginners to the great sport of triathlon. We hope you find them helpful!


My Time to Tri

  • Posted by sunmultisport
  • On Jun 05, 2018

Visit the My Time to Tri website for great resources to help you get started on the journey to complete your first triathlon. Use a simple slider tool that asks about your swim, bike and run skill levels and you’ll receive a free triathlon training plan.  The site also includes lots of great articles, a […]

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Let’s Try a Triathlon

  • Posted by sunmultisport
  • On Jan 09, 2018

The New York Times gave the sport of triathlon some love with a great article that encouraged people seeking a new challenge to “try a tri”.  Are you tri curious? Give it a read with a click here.

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Our Most Beginner Friendly Races