For Beginners

Getting started in triathlon can be a little overwhelming… afterall, it’s not just 1 sport, it’s 3 and then there’s the so-called 4th leg of a triathlon — “transition”. For anyone new to the sport, our advice for the first race is simple: have fun. Sure, you want to be prepared and if you’re a competitive type, you want to go fast, but if you accept the fact that you’ll look back on your first race experience and quickly identify a variety of things you should have done differently, then your head is in the right place.

Read below for a series of articles written for beginners to the great sport of triathlon. We hope you find them helpful!


Open Water Swimming: Fun & Exhilirating vs. Dark & Scary

  • Posted by sunmultisport
  • On Mar 15, 2016

by Elaine Vescio, Vmps Coaching, Official Coach of the 2016 Sun Multisport Race Series. The biggest mistake that people new to the sport of triathlon make is to underestimate how different it is to swim in the open water with a group of people versus in a lane of the pool with one or two […]

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